Air France & Thai Airways to build aircraft maintenance center in Thailand


Air France and Thai Airways International have voiced their interest in jointly investing in an aircraft maintenance center in Thailand, while the Ministry of Transport is pushing ahead with its plan to build an aviation industrial estate.

According to Transport Minister Arkom Termpitayapaisit, Air France and Thai Airways are going to conduct the planning for the establishment of an aircraft maintenance center. The study which is expected to take nine months will begin from October 2015 until June 2016. The planning detail will then be submitted to the Thai Airways board of directors.

Arkom said Air France and Thai Airways had planned to set up a joint venture to manage the center. This will lead to job opportunities for more than 350 people and pave the way for Thailand to be one of the world’s aircraft service and maintenance hubs, like China, Singapore and Europe.

Arkom also disclosed that the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning was close to finishing its feasibility study of an aviation industrial estate and was conducting public hearing regarding the 15-billion baht project. Results of the study will be submitted to the Ministry of Transport in October. The project will be proposed to the cabinet for consideration in November.