YouTubers in Thailand required to register with NBTC


BANGKOK – The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) is asking 44 YouTubers to register their Over The Top (OTT) services with the NBTC by July 27th.

The NBTC invited 44 of the most influential YouTubers in Thailand to attend a meeting which was presided over by NBTC Vice-Chairman Col Natee Sukonrat. The objective of the meeting was to inform them of the NBTC’s content guidelines.

OTT service providers on YouTube and Facebook allow anyone to create and broadcast their content without being subject to any form of payment. In order to promote useful and creative content for Thai people, 44 YouTubers are required to register with the NBTC by July 27th.

Should they fail to do so, they will no longer be able to feature their content on YouTube in Thailand. The NBTC is expected to meet with more YouTubers to give them similar content guidelines.