New migrant workers law useful for investors


BANGKOK, 28 June 2017 – A newly-enacted law governing the management of migrant workers will be useful for businesses and investors and will be on par with international labor standards, said Department of Employment Director-General Varanon Peetiwan.

He said the law on the management of migrant workers will benefit investors, employers, employees, and the general public as it combines all related laws together and updates measures to be in line with international standards.

He said the new law imposes stricter punishments to violations related to migrant workers employment, namely 400,000 baht fine to employers per one illegally employed worker per day, as illegal employment of migrant workers is a major issue affecting national security.

The Employment Department chief has reaffirmed the government will not restrict the employment of migrant workers as they contributes to economic development and investments. The new law will facilitate the investment from foreign investors which will result in more migrant workers working in Thailand.

Thailand is now home to some two million migrant workers, 1.3 million of whom have been legally employed. The Department of Employment has inspected some 400,000 workplaces in the past eight months and found three percent of inspected workplace violating the regulations.

The department is now addressing the issue where migrant workers have changed employment without having their work permits updated, and migrant workers who might bear no proper identification documents and have entered the country illegally.