Yala school records students’ good actions on smartphone


YALA – A school in Yala is having teachers easily record good actions of their students on smartphone.

Banrayom School in Betong District, Yala, has developed recording database on Google Form for students’ good actions, allowing the teachers to record good actions of each student online via the internet-connected smartphone.

Banrayom School Director Asan Karee said the school has the policy to have the teachers encourage their students to do good deeds and use innovations, which can be put in database by Hamdan Tamasor.

Good action recorded in the database will be summarized on monthly or yearly basis in order to create a good-actions statistic for students.

One of the teachers, Mahamareeduan Mama, said the system is far more convenient compared to the traditional method which uses books and papers, and that the new system is suitable to promote morality among children in the digital age and is considered a showcase innovation from Banrayom School.