Yala rubber farmers satisfied with government’s help


YALA – Local rubber farmers are satisfied with the government’s relief measures to alleviate the rubber price crisis, requesting the government to execute short-term measures for the time being. 

A representative of Klong Sai Nai fresh rubber group has revealed that the government’s relief measures are considered a good solution to yield a sustainable outcome in the long run, although farmers would prefer the government to help push the price of fresh rubber to be as high as 60 baht as opposed to the current rate at 32 baht per kilogram.

He said almost 100 percent of farmers in the southern region rely on rubber cultivation and are highly affected by the low rubber price, commenting that the current price of products made from rubber such as car tires have not decreased to reflect the lower production costs.

He also urged the government to provide continuous support to the farmers, procure alternative cultivation plants’ seeds and promote variations in alternative cultivation suggestions.