Yala city illuminates New Year holidays scene


YALA – Yala City Municipality has put up lights illuminating the city at night, bringing joy to both villagers and visitors alike this holiday season.

The city illuminations this year take place at the clock tower with light tunnels placed on its four sides, as well as lighting fixtures in the shapes of animals and local fruit such as durian, longan, shogun orange. Meanwhile a coffee bean tribute is being installed. Many people come out each night to take photos around the clock tower.

Yala City Mayor Pongsak Yingchoncharoen said today the municipality installs city illuminations during New Year holidays each year to boost the city’s liveable image, as previous violent incidents in the province have at times created a grim atmosphere.

He said the municipality hopes this year’s illuminations will help encourage villagers to come out and take photos, share them to other areas, and take in the feeling of joy.

Yala City Municipality is now decorating main roads across the city to welcome holiday visitors. The city has been featuring holiday city illuminations for five consecutive years.