Workers warned not to take any medicine to Taiwan


BANGKOK, 5 Dec 2013 Thai workers have been advised not to take any medicines with them when leaving for Taiwan, according to the Foreign Ministry. 

The announcement came after the Office of Thai Trade and Economy in Taipei had received a report that some Thai labors in the country had been arrested for possessing cold medicine, which had been mailed to them by their relatives. Several Thai labors, according to the Office, have received court summons on a similar charge. Most of the cold medicines sent from Thailand contain Phenylpropanolamine, an ingredient considered illegal in Taiwan.

The report has prompted the Foreign Ministry to inform Thai workers in Taiwan of the country’s strict rules on medicine, which required that all medication be declared to its authorities before being taken into the nation.

The ministry has instructed labors who wish to bring such items into Taiwan to send Taiwanese Food and Drug Administration a set of document which includes an Application for Import Certificate & Import Certificate, along with a medical certificate, and a doctor’s prescription.

The Foreign Ministry has also reminded that all foreign labors working in Taiwan are entitled to use the country’s healthcare system, saying that Thai labor should avail themselves of that service instead of relying on their relative to send them medicine.