Waterworks Authority confident in flood-tackling plan


BANGKOK, 24 September 2012 – Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) Governor Chareon Passara has expressed his confidence that the agency’s flood-tackling plan will prevent the flood affecting its water production and distribution. 

The MWA governor has revealed that the MWA has renovated dykes along Khlong Prapa from east coast to west coast in order to tackle possible impact of flood on its water production and distribution. Furthermore, the MWA has also enhanced electrical equipment surrounding its 4 water plants and 12 water-distributing stations.

He also expressed his confidence in the flood-tackling plan, saying even if this year’s water was as much as last year’s, the MWA would be able to prevent the flood impact and stabilize its water production capacity.

He said the water-tackling plan has been implemented since August 10th, starting from building dykes, elevating road level, to building concrete walls.

As for its long-term water prevention plan, the governor said it would be commenced from next year onwards. The MWA has also prepared Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC) and chlorine for water disinfection.