Water supply not be disrupted by delayed onset of rainy season


BANGKOK, 30 May 2014 – The Department of Royal Irrigation made known that the onset of the rainy season is expected to be delayed this year, while assuring the public that there is a sufficient amount of water supply in store. 

The department said the rainy season was supposed to begin in mid-May but is now slated to arrive in the beginning of June. Members of the public, however, are assured that there will not be a shortage of drinking water or an insufficient amount of water for agricultural purposes.

The department noted however that water management plans for the eastern region needed to be adjusted following the delayed onset. The water volume in the Dan Prakarnchol Dam, which is one of the major dams in the area, has fallen below 51 percent of its total capacity. Residents in the region are urged to use water sparingly until the arrival of rainstorms.

Regarding concerns that a number of projects may be affected by the delayed release of the central budget, the department said that additional funds have been requested from the government and operations should not be disrupted in the meantime.