Udon Thani Hospital holds a big event for World No Tobacco Day 2014


An event to combat the dangers of cigarette smoking, was held in the morning of May, 30, 2014 at the vast area around ATM corner of Udon Thani hospital. Dr. Manus Kanoksilp presided over the event with many patients and public health care personnel in attendance.

“Since every 31 May is World No Smoking Day, the WHO has suggested higher tobacco taxes to curb its usage.” said Tassanee Tedprasit, Deputy Director, Medical Service Department. “A cigarette itself is the most significant carcinogen, commonly known as the substance that leads to cancer. Its smoke is comprised of more than 60 carcinogens and there are over 11 kinds of cancers for secondary smokers like cancers of the lung, esophagus, larynx, mouth, throat, kidney, bladder, pancreas, stomach, cervix, breast and leukemia.” She added.

” A quarter of non smokers breathe cigarette smoke in their own houses. This purpose of the event is to encourage people to be more aware of their own health and try to reduce cigarette usage to zero in order to stay away from illness” said the deputy. The activities at the event included a talk on cigarette harm by the physician specializing in lung conditions, advice on how to quit smoking and a lung function test