Water spraying drones being considered to battle smog


Bangkok – Thailand’s Prime Minister has focused on Royal Rain Making as a way to reduce the amount of particulate matter or PM 2.5 in the air above Bangkok and its vicinity with the Pollution Control Department (PCD) planning to employ water spraying drones as part of its control efforts.

Fog and a lack of winds maintained hazardous PM 2.5 levels in Bangkok over the weekend with readings expected to increase this week.

The PCD, based on Meteorological Department forecasts, sees weather conditions worsening the situation over the coming days.

Bangkok authorities have increased the number of checkpoints to catch black exhaust spewing vehicles and have committed to carrying out daily clean ups of roads to improve the situation.

PCD Director-General Pralong Damrongthai has personally inspected areas with high rates of car exhaust, such as Chatuchak Market. He is recommending citizens wear face masks at this time.

The department has discussed solutions with the Defense Technology Institute, including the use of water spraying drones. They have been shown to be effective in limited testing.

The PM has called for close monitoring of the issue, expressing concern for the public.