Water quality problems impact Chiang Mai and Surin


SURIN – Residents of Ta Thoom Sub-district of Surin, have reported they are under duress due to an infestation of water hyacinth that has ruined a local reservoir, while Chiang Mai officials continue pumping water into the city’s moats to try to push out stagnant water.

Water in Chiang Mai’s city moats has gone bad, emitting a foul odor and growing green algae. The deterioration comes despite efforts by authorities in May to rejuvenate the waterways.

Meanwhile, some 4,500 residents of Surin’s Ta Thoom are suffering from a shortage of water as overgrown water hyacinth has ruined their local fresh water supply. The prevalence of the water weeds, over the past year, has led to local reservoirs now emitting a foul odor and the population of pests to soar. Residents are pleading for assistance from the state.