Water Management Office Chief warns of heavy flood in Bangkok until 30 Sept


BANGKOK, 26 September 2012  – The water management office has warned residents of Bangkok to brace for more heavy rain, at least until this Sunday. 

Director of the National Water and Flood Management Policy Office Pipat Ruang-ngam said that the water level behind the Sirikit Dam and the Bhumibol Dam totaled 14 billion cubic meters, or 61.2 percent of their combined capacity.

Mr. Pipat stated that both dams will be able to handle rain water until the end of the rainy season, while expressing confidence that the water storage at the 2 major dams will end up around 80 percent, which will be sufficient for use during the next drought.

Regarding the water situation around upstream of rivers in the North, he said that water level in most main waterways is below the banks, except for the Bang Rakam District of Phitsanulok Province, where water has been 1.99 meters above the river bank level.

For Bangkok, Mr. Pipat said that heavy rain will likely continue from now until September 30th, during which the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) and related officials have been urged to prepare for any undesirable situation after the flood problem has been solved.