Water in Chao Praya Dam turns red due to drought


CHAINAT, 26 June 2015 – Water in the Chao Phraya Dam has reached its lowest point in three decades, with authorities declaring water supplies would only last for 24 more days.

In Chainat, the water level in the dam continues to drop, changing the colour of the water red with mud. The level has gone below the critical point of 14 metres above sea level for over a week.

The dam has continued the discharge rate of around 70 cubic metres per second to push back seawater at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River. The supply of water can only be released for farming activities for another 24 days, particularly without more rains in the near future, according to the authorities.

The Department of Irrigation has assured the public that the low water level will not affect their daily consumption. However, farmers living near the dam have been urged not to grow more rice this year due to extreme water shortage.

Businesses owners have also been prohibited from dumping processed water and waste into the river as they will deteriorate the quality of the water.