Minister of Labour gives guidelines to agencies in Narathiwat


NARATHIWAT, 26 June 2015  – The Minister of Labour has visited Narathiwat Province to set the policy guidelines to the ministry’s agencies operating in the area, to help alleviate problems in the southern provinces.

The Minister of Labour Gen Surasak Karnjanarat today chaired a seminar overviewing the working policies and guidelines of the ministry’s agencies, that are working in support of operations geared towards solving the issues in southern border provinces.

He mentioned to the heads of government agencies that the authorities should help spur employments to the people, in a manner that can be development more in the future, as well as creating an enthusiastic attitude towards working to the public.

The Labour Minister also added that Narathiwat Province is suitable to be the host of the Special Economic Zone as it shares border with the neighbouring country. Therefore, authorities must consider the plan’s area of development, while the skill development of labours should also meet the market’s demand.

The seminar took place at the Imperial Narathiwat Hotel, drawing attendance of up to 100 representatives from the provincial executives and labour officials of the five southern border provinces.