Warning to makers, sellers of fake coronation brooches


Bangkok – The government has warned manufacturers and sellers of fake coronation brooches that they could be jailed for up to 20 years and fined up to 400,000 baht.

An Adviser to the Office of the Permanent Secretary under the Prime Minister’s Office, Sompas Nilphan, said his agency has been solely assigned to produce and sell the coronation brooches to the general public. All proceeds from the sales will go to His Majesty the King’s charities. The government has invited the public to wear the coronation brooches from April to July this year.

People’s demand for the coronation brooches is high, causing some sellers to sell them at much higher prices. The authorities have also found that there are fake coronation brooches being produced without permission and sold as genuine.

Makers and sellers of counterfeit coronation brooches could be jailed for a maximum of 20 years and face a large fine, according to Article 240 of the Criminal Code.

Members of the public are asked to notify the authorities if they find counterfeit coronation brooches by calling the government’s hotline at 1111 at any time around the clock.

People who wish to buy the coronation brooches can order them at Thailand Post offices nationwide or at ThailandPostMart.com until May 15, 2019. People can also buy the brooches at 30 branches of Big C stores in all regions of Thailand. For more information, visit FB page www.facebook.com/OPM.Society.