Virtual Reality at Internet Shop



Banglamung police rushed to an Internet shop in Soi Nern Plub Wan on June the 21st as a gang had fired a bullet through the shop’s window.


Police examined the bullet hole and transferred a 26 year old woman to Banglamung hospital as she had shards of glass on her face.

the bullet hole is clear to se.The bullet hole is clear to see.

The internet shop keeper said on the day a group of 4-5 teenagers on motorbikes stopped at the shop, a few seconds later one man fired a bullet into the shop.

Police surmised the shooting may have been caused by a local hot blooded gang who may have some troubles with their opponents who were using computers inside the shop and wanted a payback.

On the other hand, police said, the gang may have some unresolved issues with the owner of the internet shop.


Virtual Reality at Internet Shop