Vets prepare for Lin Hui’s delivery


BANGKOK, 6 January 2014 Government veterinarians at Chiang Mai Zoo have reported that popular giant panda Lin Hui is expected to give birth some time within the next 72 hours. 

According to the doctors, Lin Hui’s latest urine test and her behavior have indicated that she is close to delivery. She has been pregnant for 99 days.

The vet team has put up a surveillance system to monitor the panda 24-hours a day. The birth will also likely be caught on camera. Members of the public can visit the nursery room set up by the zoo following the birth.

The coming cub will be Lin Hui’s second following the birth of Lin Ping, which drew national attention in 2009 and generated a period of panda mania.

Thai zoo goers and animal lovers were saddened by Lin Ping’s departure from Chiang Mai zoo in September last year, as she was the only panda ever to be born in Thailand.

Lin Hui was artificially inseminated the day Ling Ping left.