UTCC: Corruption still rampant


BANGKOK, 30 June 2011 – Corruption situation in Thailand remains rampant as the index fell by 0.1 point from 3.5 to 3.4, according to a recent survey by the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC). 

The survey was conducted for the second time from May to June 2011 with 2,133 respondents in various occupations across the country. The respondents were asked about severity of corruption in Thailand, their attitudes towards corruption and efficiency of anti-corruption measures.

The result shows that the corruption situation in Thailand is still severe gaining 3.4 points, though a decrease of one point from the previous survey while the corruption trend index stands at 3.8 similar to the previous survey. 75% of the respondents said corruption is getting severer while only 7% thought the opposite. 49% believed that the situation next year will remain severe.

71% of the respondents no longer deem corruption a faraway problem. 61% do not accept a government with good performing record but committing corruption. 59% of the respondents disapprove small bribes given to government officials while 70% indicated cooperation to notify traces of corruption.

43% of the respondents deem the anti-corruption measures of the Democrat-led government inefficient while 9% think the opposite. 44% think Democrat measures are fairly effective. Meanwhile, 27% of the respondents give no credit to the operation of the National Anti Corruption Commission while 46% rate the panel fair.

The respondents also agree that cooperation from the civil sector is needed to eradicate corruption. 79% of them indicate readiness to cooperate in the fight against corruption and are hopeful that the situation will improve after the establishment of an anti-corruption network of the private sector.