Residents warned of rising water level in Mekong River


BANGKOK, June 30 — Thailand’s Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation has warned riverside residents along the Mekong River of possible flooding as the river’s water level continues to increase, which could eventually overflow to bring floods to many provinces.

The agency said the Mekong’s water level reached nine metres, one metre higher than Wednesday’s level.

The critical level is 11 metres, which if the water level reaches that point, the water from branches of the Mekong River and nearby Nong Han Lake could overflow to inundate a number of provinces.

Nong Han is a lake in Thailand’s northeast, located northeast of Sakhon Nakhon town.

Meanwhile, in the eastern province of Chanthaburi, persistent downpours has caused the water level in the Chanthaburi River to increase. The province has changed its customary warning flags from green to yellow to alert residents to be prepared and keep close watch on the water level.

The province also issued warning to outlying villagers to be prepared in case of flooding.

The Meteorological Department, in its daily forecast, said scattered thundershowers were expected countrywide with isolated heavy rain in the east and the southwest coast. Moderate winds and waves two metres high were expected in the Andaman Sea. Shipping was warned to proceed with caution.  (MCOT online news)