USA donates rabies vaccine to Thailand


Bangkok – Glyn T. Davies, the U.S. Ambassador to Thailand, has supported the donation of 50,000 units of rabies vaccine to the Department of Livestock Development, aiming to help Thailand become rabies free by 2020.

This year rabies outbreaks in many parts of the country have threatened communities and caused deep concern in many sectors. The U.S. government has been paying attention to the situation and in order to help eliminate the problem, a large quantity of vaccine has been provided to support the Thai government’s fight against the disease.

“I’m here today to handover to the kingdom of Thailand 50,000 courses of vaccine that will be used to vaccinate dogs in the kingdom to help prevent the transmission of rabies from animals to humans, because we know this is the major source of public health problems around the world,” said Davies during a handover ceremony on Wednesday.