US voices deep concern over Thai political gridlock


BANGKOK, 1 March 2014  The United States Secretary of State has voiced his concern about the continued violence in Thailand, while expressing condolences to families and friends of those victimized by politically-motivated violence. 

Secretary of State John Kerry issued a statement on the U.S. Department of State website, saying the US was deeply concerned by the ongoing violence in Thailand. As allies and close friends of the Thai people, the US was profoundly saddened by the deaths and injuries that had shaken the country, adding that deaths of children must be a wake-up call to all sides to refrain from using violence and respect the rule of law.

The Secretary of State also called upon Thai authorities to investigate attacks and bring those responsible to justice, while voicing concern about employment of tactics that undermined Thailand’s democratic values and processes, inhibited compromise, and further exacerbated political tensions.

According to the message, the United States of America does not take sides in Thai politics as the decision to resolve differences solely depends on the will of the people of Thailand.

Lastly, Mr Kerry said all sides should commit to dialogue in the spirit of seeking common ground to address differences and find a peaceful, democratic way forward.