Irrigation Department man beaten by anti-government guards


BANGKOK, 1 March 2014 Police have indicated they will go over CCTV footage from cameras at the Department of Irrigation to identify around 10 guards from the Network of Students and People for Reform of Thailand who assaulted a department staff member who had taken pictures of them. 

The anti-government group stormed the Department of Irrigation in Samsen, Bangkok on Friday. The Irrigation Department engineer took pictures of the group’s security guards as they entered the department’s premises. According to his testimony, the man complied when the guards demanded the photographs be deleted, but another group of guards then starting beating him. He added that nobody stepped in to help him as they were afraid of the guards. The man suffered multiple bruises inflicted by no fewer than 10 intruders. According to his account, the victim then visited a nearby hospital for treatment but was denied care because the hospital did not want to create trouble with the anti-government protesters.

The man then decided to report the beating to police and to ask them to send him to Vajira hospital for treatment.