US Embassy releases statement of condolence over 2 Thai students who perished in California


BANGKOK – The Embassy of the United States of America in Thailand has issued a statement of condolence over 2 Thai students who perished in a road accident and made known visas have been issued to their families so that they may travel to California.

On a statement posted to its website, the US Embassy assured it is closely following the situation involving the 2 students and was deeply sorrowed over their tragic accident. The office has issued visas to family members of both the students so that they may observe salvage efforts first hand in California.

Ekachai Taidecha, uncle to Phakaphol Chairattanasongporn, one of the two casualties, has submitted requests for additional visas for Thai rescuers who the families have hope will help with the salvaging of their vehicle.

Ekachai said he has confidence in Thai rescuers, adding that a Thai rescue team was able to retrieve a bus which plunged off a cliff in Uttaradit province in 6 hours. He said he wants to see the bodies of the two students retrieved as soon as possible.

The two students drove off a cliff in Keys Canyon in the US state of California on July 26. The recovery has been delayed due to the inaccessible geography and the weather conditions.


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