U.S. confident there will not be coup de’tat in Thailand


BANGKOK, 15 May 2014 – The United States is confident that the Thai military will not stage another coup de’tat following the ongoing political conflict in the country. 

According to Associated Press, the U.S. is reasonably confident Thailand’s military will not launch another coup. U.S. officials said that they were closely monitoring the situation but had no intention of intervening.

Very much like most internal political impasses and divisions, it’s not something that foreigners can come in and magically fix, said the U.S. authorities.

The U.S. has urged that solutions be both constitutional and democratic, adding that it does not believe the Thai military would want to intervene as it has reiterated that it is not interested in getting involved with politics again. The U.S. also commended the Thai military for its restraint.

Meanwhile, U.S. analysts said that given the pessimism over the prospects for a political compromise, a violent conflict would most likely be the outcome; which they said would be a blow to democratic governance in Southeast Asia and a setback to U.S. strategic interests.