Urupong protesters march to new location today


BANGKOK, Nov 7 – Anti-government demonstrators at Urupong intersection have announced that they will move from the present rally site to upgrade their weeks-long protests against the government.

Uthai Yodmanee, coordinator of the Students and People Network for Thailand’s Reform (SPNTR), said the protesters–comprising alliance networks from 77 provinces–will march from Urupong to a new demonstration location, starting at 10am. He would not reveal the location of the new site.

Tents and equipment will be moved to the new location which will include more student networks from a number of provinces and universities, business groups and state enterprises.

He urged the National Police Bureau and the Centre for Administration of Peace and Order (CAPO) to provide safety for the demonstrators during their march on the city’s streets.

Asked if the protesters will disperse if the Senate rejects the amnesty bill next Monday, Mr Uthai said the objective of the SPNTR’s rally was to chase the Yingluck Shinawatra government from office.

“It’s meaningless even if the amnesty bill is rejected by the Senate or the government decides to retreat,” he said.

The rally site at Urupong intersection became more crowded last night with additional students joining the protest to prepare for today’s relocation. The leaders would not disclose their marching routes.