UNAIDS organizes Bangkok 10 km International Run


BANGKOK – UNAIDS has collaborated with private enterprises to organize the Bangkok 10 km International Run, which was attended by a large number of both Thai and foreign runners. 

This event commenced during the early hours of October 25, 2015, with support from UNAIDS and private organizations to allow interested runners to participate in the mini marathon and promote various forms of physical activities.

Previously, this mini marathon was entitled “UN Day 10 km. International Run” but was cancelled since 2008. It was revived again this year, as more people are exercising, renamed to “Bangkok 10 km International Run”.

Bangkok 10 km International Run covers a distance of 10 kilometers and is divided into four categories: aged 39 and under (male), aged 40 and above (male), aged 34 and under (female) and aged 35 and above (female). Runners will start and finish at Ratchadamneon Nok Road, in front of United Nations Organization. The route will run through many important sites such as the Mable Temple, Chitralada Palace, Dusit Zoo and the National Library.

The winner will receive a blazer, the first five runners at the finish line will be awarded a trophy, and all runners completing the mini-marathon course within the scheduled time will receive a Medal of Honor to commemorate their participation.