Two suspected insurgents nabbed during security raid in Narathiwat


NARATHIWAT, Feb 19 – Two suspected insurgents were arrested today as security forces closed in on a house in this restive southern province suspected of harbouring some of the attackers of a marine outpost who remained at large since last week.

A combined force of 60 police and military personnel found a suspicious house in Rueso district while searching the area early Tuesday morning.

As they approached the house, three men escaped, but another two surrendered to the government force.

One detained suspect was identified as Aisumal Jehama, 28, with an outstanding arrest warrant for his role in the bombing of Rueso police Sept 12, 2008 which wounded eight police officers. The other was Ali Baka, 25, who has an outstanding arrest warrant for arson at a Rueso school on March 21, 2007.

The security force seized a 9mm pistol with ammunition, four mobile phones and cash.

The two men were taken to a nearby military base for further questioning.

The security force continued searching for the three men who escaped arrest as it is believed that one of them was a leader of the insurgents who attacked the marine outpost last Wednesday which ended in the death of 16 assailants. (MCOT online news)