Two Russian and an Asian tourists died in van crash in Phang Nga


Two Russian and an Asian tourists were killed and seven others seriously injured when a passenger van crashed into house on the highway from Phuket to Satun early this morning.


Heavy rain was blamed for the accident which happened on the Phang Nga-Tappud road at 7.30 am today.

The van was taking about 15 passengers who included Thais, Russians and Indonesians from Phuket to Satun.

As the van arrived at the sharp curve of the road amid heavy rain, it lost balance and flipped over and crashed into a power pole and the house.

Three died inside the badly damaged van, and the others injured, seven in serious condition.

Highway rescue workers were alerted and rushed to the scene a few minutes after.

They helped to take out all injured from the van and rushed them to Phang Nga hospital. The three killed were trapped inside.

They are two male Russians and an Asian female whose nationality was not known yet.