Two new plans to protect against human trafficking to be proposed

Permanent Secretary for Labor, Jarin Jakkapak.
Permanent Secretary for Labor, Jarin Jakkapak.

Bangkok – The Ministry of Labor has prepared two plans to strengthen protection against human trafficking with a focus on protecting employees and matching international practices.

Permanent Secretary for Labor, Jarin Jakkapak said the committee formed for remedying human trafficking and illegal labor has given its stamp of approval to the two plans. The two are a legal reform and prosecution plan that includes protection and reparations for human trafficking victims, and one derived from conferences with the European Union’s labor body. Both are to be put to the National Reform Steering Assembly on November 13.

The permanent secretary also indicated that a program to scan and document the retinas of some 90,000 foreign laborers operating in 22 coastal provinces has so far succeeded in processing 28,347 individuals and is likely to be completed on schedule by March 21, 2018.