Two men arrested for stealing amulets at Kruba Srivichai Monument


Police announced the arrest of two men on March 8, 2016 who were charged with breaking into display cabinets at the Kruba Srivichai Monument and stealing valuable amulets.

The headman of Huay Kaew discovered the cabinets had been broken into in the morning and informed the police. The police checked CCTV footage around the pavilion next to the monument to see two men had driven up on a motorbike on March 3 at 2:50 a.m. After walking around the monument camera footage shows the two men then breaking the lock on the cabinet to steal nine amulets and then riding off on the motorbike. Police were able to identify two suspects from the tape and arrested them at their residence the next day.

Police with the two suspects charged with stealing valuable amulets at the Kruba Srivichai Monument pavilion.

Bandit Thipa, age 30 from Sansai and Rungroj Jaimatun, age 22 from Suthep Sub-District in Amphur Muang were arrested and charged with theft. Bandit’s record shows that he was arrested on drug charges in 2009 and only recently released from prison.

The suspects confessed to police that they had broken into the cabinet at the revered local monument and stole the amulets that had been donated by monks and the general public.