TV Operators request a deadline extension for Digital TV auction payment


BANGKOK, 17 Feb 2015 – Digital TV operators has submitted a petition to the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) calling for postponement of the deadline for the auction payment of the digital TV licenses originally set in May. They also asked the commission to consider changing the payment method to a flat rate.

The group also implored the NBTC to extend the license duration from 15 years to 20 years and amend the use of digital TV converter box coupons so that they could be used to redeem discount for satellite boxes as well. Furthermore, the commission was also asked to arrange channels in a uniform manner in all platforms.

After accepting the petition, NBTC Secretary-General Thakorn Tantasit said he would escalate the request to the Appeal Court and the Finance Ministry for their consideration. He speculated their decisions should be made by next month.

The current deadline for the auction payment of the digital TV licenses is set in May when all of the operators of 24 digital TV channels are obligated to pay a total of 8 billion baht in the 2nd installment of the auction fee to the commission.

Regarding the request to change the payment method to a flat rate, Mr. Thakorn said the NBTC would discuss the matter in its meeting tomorrow.