TrueVisions ordered to air Euro 2012


BANGKOK, 8 June 2012  –The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has allowed free television to air the European Football Championship 2012 and ordered TrueVisions to let its subscribers watch the football matches on free TV channels on its cable boxes. 

Cable operator, True Visions, earlier filed a complaint with the NBTC after having been blocked from broadcasting the Euro 2012 on its boxes. Currently GMM Grammy holds the official broadcast rights to the European football matches. It has also allotted the football airtime to some free TV channels. Under the UEFA broadcast agreement, all cable boxes that do not hold broadcast rights cannot air the football games.

Head of the NBTC, Natee Sukonrat, has just announced that TrueVisions must have programs on air on the free TV channels during the football matches. He said TrueVisions must comply with its service conditions.

Mr Natee explained that if the cable operator cannot comply with the 2008 Broadcasting and Television Business Act, the NBTC will fine TrueVisions from 50,000 to 5 million baht per day.

The European Football Championship 2012 is kicking off on June 8th and running until July 1st.