Tropical storms wreak havoc in North of Thailand


PAYAO, 24 April 2015 -Tropical storms have wreaked havoc in many areas in the North of Thailand.

In Payao and Petchabun provinces, many homes and farmlands have been destroyed after the storms made landfall. Rescue efforts are now underway to help residents affected by the storms.

In Nan, many cars have been damaged by large trees brought down by the storms. A social event scheduled to be held in Ban Luang district has to be postponed indefinitely due to the adverse weather conditions.

Pitsanulok residents also faced similar ordeals. Homes, trees and even electricity poles have been knocked over by strong winds.

In the eastern province of Trat, local officials and soldiers have been helping Boh Rai residents, where as many as 30 homes and durian orchards as well as rubber farms have been damaged.

It is estimated that at least 3 tons of durian fruits in Boh Raihave been destroyed.