Tri-party panel decided to keep a distance from Phra Dhammachayo’s criminal case


The tri-party panel to resolve the conflict between the Department of Special Investigation and Wat Dhammakaya over Phra Dhammachayo’s criminal case has resolved not to interfere with the job of the public prosecution.


Phra Theprattanasuthee, the chief monk of Pathum Thani who attended the meeting of the tri-party panel as a neutral party, read a statement from the panel stating that the criminal case against the embattled abbot of Wat Dhammakaya is not a monastic affair but a state affairs.

Mr Somsak Toraksa, advisor to the chief monk of Pathum Thani who also attended the meeting, added that every time where was a meeting of similar nature and a minutes from the meeting was sent to Phra Dhammachayo, there was no problem and the monk always gave good cooperation.

DSI deputy chief Pol Col Somboon Sarasith said that, from now on, the DSI had to act in accordance with the arrest warrant and there are two options to act – the first is to convince Phra Dhammachayo through the public prosecution to give himself up at the court and, the second, is for the DSI to make the arrest and for the second option there will be no bail for the monk.

For the time being, the public prosecution has already indicted the suspects who had already acknowledged the charges against them. These include Mr Supachai Srisupa-aksorn, former chairman of Klongchan Credit Union Cooperatives.

Mr Somkiart Thongsri, director of the secretariat office of the Sangha Council, said disciplinary action against Phra Dhammachayo would have to wait until the court case against him is finalized.