Tree Climbing Championship held in Bangkok


BANGKOK, Dec 14  – To promote the profession of arborists in Thailand, the second Thailand Tree Climbing Championship 2019 (TTCC2019) is held at a public park in Bangkok.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) in cooperation with tree conservation groups such as the Thailand Urban Tree Network organized the TTCC at Wachira Benchathat Park or Rot Fai Park from Friday to Sunday.

The organizers said the competition was held to promote the profession of arborists also known as “tree surgeons” which is new to Thai society.

Currently, the BMA says it has about 200 arborists or individuals who have in-depth knowledge of tree science and nature.

This year, international arborists from America, Europe and Asian countries formed the panel of judges to share their expertise and knowledge to their Thai peers.

In the first event last year, the competition was held at Koh Loy, an oasis within Lumpini Park.

The TTTC is a tool to promote the idea of arborist among Thai people and the role in preserving big trees in the capital since Thailand has a limited number of arborists.

Participants compete in courses — work climb, aerial rescue, throw line, belayed speed climb and secured footlock.   If passed, they will receive a certificate qualified arborists.