Transportation Minister opens Sea Water Safety Center


In the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami the government of Thailand assigned the 26th December to be National Disaster Prevention Day.

Thus on Monday the 26th of December the Deputy Minister of Transport Mr. Kittisak Hatthasongkhrao with his committee surveyed the progress on safety in water transportation in Samutkhet building, Khao Bo-ya, Thung Sukhla Sriracha Chonburi, they were welcomed by the Governor of Chonburi Khomsan Ekachai.

This also marked the opening of the Vessel Traffic Control and Maritime Security Center (VTS) which is responsible for the supervision of traffic and security of cargo ships entering and exiting Laem Chabang, Sriracha and Mapaput harbors.

VTS has installed the traffic and safety control at sea system to monitor the progress of ships entering Thai waters, 12 miles out to sea.

The center provides services to ships for 24 hours a day – 365 days a year and in addition, the harbor departments have collaborated with the Navy, using the information from this system for the stability of the Kingdom by connecting the vessels’ monitoring system along the entire coast of the country.

Mr. Kittisak Hatthasongkhroa stressed the importance of the role the various cruise captains, citizens and tourists have, especially at this time of the year and urged them to refrain from drinking and to have a Happy New Year.