Beer bar busted for underage prostitution


Just after midnight on the 26th of December police conducted a sting operation on the Chado beer bar on 2nd road.

An undercover officer had a drink at the bar and made a deal with a 17 year old woman who was working at the bar that she would accompany him to a hotel room for some sexual fun.

According to the police the payment for the sexual services was made direct to the cashier of the bar, once this was done the police moved in and identified themselves.

They arrested a cashier-waitress Miss Spit Sukhcharoen and Mr. Manop Rungsisuk who was working as the main cashier, they also confiscated the 1000 baht note which had been marked by the police along with a pack of condoms and a notebook which held the names of the employees.

The cashier stated that he works as a policy analyst and planning expert for the office of the Deputy Prime Minister and had came to Pattaya to help his sister run her bar but that he had no knowledge of prostitution within the bar.

The police refused to believe him and he was charged with human trafficking and earning benefits from prostitution, him and the other member of staff were transferred to the tourist police station.

The young lady who is only 17 stated that ten days earlier she had been invited by her friend to be a waitress in the bar and said she was tricked into selling her body for money.

She continued that she had went with three customers already but had not received any money for her services, as the cashier had kept the money. She thanked the officers from releasing her from this hell hole. Of course prostitution is illegal in Thailand, irregardless of the age of the woman, man or ladyboy, but nonetheless in this instance for some reason it was this bar which sits within many of a similar nature that was target by the police.