Transport Ministry to expand boat service across Bangkok


BANGKOK, 20 July 2012 -The Ministry of Transport will begin its project to enhance the express boat service in Sansab canal, which will ensure safety for passengers and provide an alternative transport route for commuters in Bangkok. 

Transport Minister Chatchart Sithipan said he has instructed the Marine Department to improve the conditions at several piers and install CCTV cameras after he observed during his inspection visits to those piers that many of them were not sufficiently equipped with safety gear.

The move is in line with the Ministry of Transport’s policy to bolster transport system for the public. The private sector will be asked to collaborate in modernizing the express boat service, ensure safety and promote energy cost saving. Mr. Chatchart said once the service is improved, it will attract more than 100,000 passengers a day, compared to 60,000 people currently.

The Transport Minister added that his Ministry is now in the process of expanding boat services to other canals across Bangkok with the help of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. Most importantly, the ferries will be connected to other types of transport to further increase the efficiency of transportation network.