Transport Minister content with 6-month performance


BANGKOK, 22 April 2015 – Transport Minister ACM Prajin Juntong has expressed satisfaction over his ministry’s work progress in the last six months though admitting that several projects have been faced with delays.

While delivering the Transport Ministry’s six-month progress report, ACM Prajin affirmed the ministry has pushed forward a number of important projects for the benefit of national economy, society and public members. He rated his satisfaction with the ministry’s works under the eight-point policy at 62.5 percent.

The minister added that a transport infrastructure development strategy for the year 2015-2022 has already been drawn up. The strategy consists of five work plans, which concern the improvement of inter-provincial railway, development of public transport systems in Bangkok and its vicinities, increase of highway connectivity with neighboring countries, upgrade of water transport networks and enhancement of air transport services.

Furthermore, the Transport Ministry has plans to build bicycle tracks in many areas around the country and to use Para rubber in road construction and maintenance as a way to support rubber farmers.

Despite satisfactory achievements so far, ACM Prajin conceded that delays have been reported in many projects due to obstacles in such procedures as procurement, environmental impact assessment and land expropriation.