4th army commander: Better situation in far south


PATTANI, 22 April 2015 – The present situation in the deep southern provinces is reportedly better than last year with a 61% decrease in fatalities and a 43% decrease in casualties.

Commander of the Fourth Army Area Command Lt. Prakan Chonlayut on Wednesday said the army was proactively making people in the region understand its work and feel confident in officers’ operations. Relevant government units cooperated in terms of security, development and civil service which met the needs of local people, the commander said. He also stressed that army officers adhered to the laws and peaceful means, respect human rights and operate with transparency.

One of the army’s policies in the deep south was to strengthen local people and civic societies in line with the “Thung yang Daeng” model. Each day, 25,000 people in 37 districts helped provide security for their communities. This proved that there were more local people who rejected violence and took side with the government, said the commander.