Trang tourist police calling for resident volunteers


TRANG, 15 August 2014 -Tourist Police are launching a special training program for volunteers who come and help the Tourist Police Division of the Royal Thai Police in Trang.

The training session establishes an understanding of the role of tourism in Thailand, the background to tourism in Thailand and how to handle many different scenarios involving tourists in a variety of circumstances, such as missing persons, assault, theft, completing police reports, accidents, tourist forgetting where they’re staying, domestic disputes and the notorious jet ski disputes, said Pol. Col. Suranat Wanwakthong, Deputy Commander of the Trang Police force while presiding over the introductory ceremony.

The volunteers will learn how to help deal with local authorities, including the regular police, assist with ‘negotiations’ and assist with disputes over repair costs after a rented vehicle is damaged. Disputes between tourists and retailers or owners of places of accommodation or with travel agents are also dealt with in the training program.

The training is launched in accordance with the country’s policy to boost the tourism industry and promote a positive image of Thailand to the world as one of the most favored destinations of tourists from around the world. Having volunteers will help ensure security and establish confidence in Thailand’s effort to provide safety and an unforgettable experience for visitors to Thailand, said Pol. Col. Suranat Wanwakthong


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