Trang monitors smog from Indonesian forest fires


TRANG, July 3 – Thai authorities in the southern province of Trang are closely monitoring the impact of smog from Indonesian forest fires which is again blanketing the region, a seasonal occurrence.

Provincial disaster response chief Amnuay Jantararat said that the haze from Indonesian Sumatra this morning covers all of Trang’s 10 districts and seems thicker than in previous days.

Mr Amnuay said it is the second wave of smog blanketing the province this season, obstructing vision on the Trang-Sikao road and in the municipality itself.

The situation is not considered serious and public can continue to carry out their normal activities. Small trawlers in the local fishing fleet are able to operate normally but must take precautions due to poor visibility.

Trang Governor Theerayuth Iemtrakul, meanwhile, instructed all districts to closely monitor the situation. If it worsens, health authorities must distribute masks to the public, especially to protect children and elders who are especially at risk.

The rain in the province may ease the smog, wiping it out of the skies, and it was expected that the situation would return to normal within 1-2 days.