Tourist police, DLT take action against law-violating taxi drivers


Bangkok, 31 August 2018 – More than 14,000 taxi drivers have been arrested and fined for breaking the law, including refusing to accept passengers during the past year.

Deputy Commissioner of the Tourist Police Bureau Pol Maj Gen Surachet Hakpal announced the results of the operation launched last September to regulate the taxi service.

He said the tourist police and officials of the Department of Land Transport have been enforcing the law against taxi drivers to maintain the due interests of passengers.

Surachet said a total of 4,811 taxi drivers were arrested for allegedly refusing to serve passengers without justifiable reasons, which violated Article 93 of the Land Traffic Act.

The police general added that a total of 3,277 drivers were arrested for allegedly refusing to use their meters and compelling passengers to pay an excessive fare.

He said 6,159 others were arrested for allegedly violating parking bans, failing to dress properly and other offenses. Surachet said a total of 489 taxi drivers had their public vehicle licenses revoked due to such violations of the law.