Tourism in North still busy after New Year


Bangkok – The tourism industry in the north of Thailand remains bouyant after New Year festivities according to the latest report.

In Ban Muang sub-district of Nong Khai, a large number of tourists have been camping out near the Mekong River and enjoying the cool, calm, and misty atmosphere. Crowded places include Phu Huay Isan, Phu Nong, Phu Pha Dak, and Phu Lon where tourists can see the sunrise over a sea of fog.

In Nan province, Wat Phra That Khao Noi in the capital district welcomes visitors from all over the country. The lowest temperature of 17 degrees Celsius was recorded on Friday. From the temple’s grounds, visitors can see almost the entire city. Many visitors also pay their respects to the Holy Spirit and ask for good luck, good health, and prosperity.