Tour groups from China cancel trips to Chiang Mai


CHIANG MAI  – Nearly all tour groups from China have cancelled their trips to Thailand’s Chiang Mai province while over 100 tourists from Wuhan city have decided to extend their stays.

Chiang Mai which is one of the most popular destinations among Chinese people normally sees around 6,000 Chinese tourist arrivals in one day.  Now the number decreased by half after most of planned tour groups are cancelled in the wake of the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Most of tourists on 21 flights from 10 Chinese cities at the international airport are individual travelers.

Like other tourist spots across Thailand, the iconic ThaPhae Gate ruin in Chiang Mai city had much fewer Chinese tourists after the Chinese government imposed a ban on group tour.

Around 10 percent of Chinese tourists in Chiang Mai have reportedly decided to stay longer in Thailand.  At least 123 of them are from Wuhan city, arriving in Chiang Mai earlier.