Confirmed cases of Novel Coronavirus in Thailand remain at 14


BANGKOK – Confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in Thailand remain unchanged at 14 while 158 people are being quarantined, health officials said on Wednesday.

In a daily press statement, the Ministry of Public Health Ministry said no more cases were reported in the country.

On Tuesday, the Ministry announced six more patients were confirmed bringing the country’s total to 14 cases.

Meanwhile, 22 more people have been placed under surveillance, bringing the number to 158 since the Ministry began health quarantine measures on January 3.

Dr. Thanarak Palipat, Deputy Director-General of the Disease Control Department, reiterated that no cases had been infected in Thailand.

The disease control measures in Thailand had proved their effectiveness, he said, most of the corona-virus infected cases were detected at airports.

In addition, 125 people had been quarantined after seeking treatment at hospitals; four were reported by tour operators.

Quarantine measures were critical in containing the virus, Dr. Thanarak said.