Three wounded in Narathiwat bomb ambush


NARATHIWAT, Feb 18 – A roadside bomb in Yi-ngor district of this insurgency-plagued southern border province has injured three people, one ranger and two press assistants, in the aftermath of the previous attack which killed one ranger last night.

Pol Col Suthon Sukwiset, superintendent of Yi-ngo police station, on Tuesday led a team to inspect the site of last night’s bombing on Phetchkasem Road in Narathiwat’s Yi-ngo district where an improvised explosive weighing 20 kg, built into a gas cylinder and buried under the road surface, was detonated using a radio signal. The explosion reportedly killed one ranger and injured two others last night.

As the team arrived, they began shooting in order to destroy the bombs hidden in 5-6 boxes along the road side. The first box appeared to be fake bomb, though the real bombs were hidden in the second, third and fourth boxes.

An 80 kg bomb built in a gas cylinder hidden in a fifth box placed 30 metres away from the investigation site was then detonated, wounding M/Sgt Third Class Amornchon Thongpradab and two women media assistants identified as Muranee Mama and Paditta Noosantat. They were sent to Yi-ngo Hospital. The explosion also damaged two police vehicles.

Pol Col Suthon said the insurgents attempted to confuse police investigation by placing all the real and fake bombs together.