Three thai workers wounded from fighting in Israel


BANGKOK, Oct 24 —  Three Thai workers in Israel were injured, two in critical condition, as a result of fighting near the Gaza Strip in Israel, according to Thai Labour Minister Phadermchai Sasomsub.

Mr Phadermchai said that he was informed by the Thai Embassy in Israel that the latest fighting between Israeli forces and the Palestinian militant group Hamas at 7am Israeli time injured three Thai workers.

The Thais were working at Tel Aviv when the fighting erupted. They were sent to hospital for treatment as two of them were seriously injured.

According to the minister, they could be initially identified only by their first names: Suchan, Somsak and Sawat.

Mr Phadermchai said he asked the Thai embassador to Israel to take care of the three workers.

He said the location where the three Thai workers were working was considered a risk area and the ministry earlier warned them to avoid working at the 6th farm area or Moshaf.

However, some Thai workers were willing to risk their life to work in that area as they would receive higher payment.