Three foreigners arrested in Bangkok for Phuket ATM theft


PHUKET, Dec 9 – Three foreigners were arrested in Bangkok Sunday after allegedly steeling cash from an ATM machine on Patong Beach here last week

Three suspects identified as Alexander Yesid, 50, from Mexico, Colombian nationals Guarin Suta also known as Luis Fernando, 45, and Carlos Arturo Amariles, 57 were returned to Phuket on Monday.

The three men reportedly robbed an ATM machine opposite Loma Park on Patong Beach using a cutting torch in the evening of December 2 and escaped with Bt299,200 cash to a safe house in Bangkok’s Ratchathevi district. They were arrested on Sunday, with only Bt25,000 left from the stolen cash.

Police reported the three suspects left Mexico and arrived at Hat Yai on October 7. They rented a car in Krabi and drove to Phuket on November 30, stopping a builder’s supply store in Phuket’s Thalang district to buy specialised tools police believe were used in their robberies.

Police said they will investigate further to identify the seized objects as they are not widely used in Thailand and may be used in stealing information from ATM cards.